Thursday, April 24, 2014  

Oppose Efforts to Block Strong Water Efficiency Measures

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North Georgia's current drought highlights the need for our communities to take stronger action on water conservation yet a bill is moving through the General Assembly to make implementing water efficiency solutions harder.


North Georgia's current drought has highlighted the need for water conservation. Governor Perdue has mandated cities and counties under Level Four drought designation reduce their water use by 10 percent.

In order to accomplish a 10 percent reduction and ensure that they do not run out of water or endanger public health, safety or welfare, local governments must be able to respond quickly and take stronger action than required by the state if necessary.

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Please vote NO on HB 1281

Dear Legislator,

Please vote NO on House Bill 1281. HB 1281 strips our local governments of the ability to respond quickly to a water shortage and set outdoor water use restrictions greater than those imposed by the states drought response committee without first getting the Georgia EPD Director's approval.

Governor Perdue has mandated that counties and cities under Level Four drought designation reduce their water use by 10 percent. Local governments must be able to quickly implement water restrictions they deem necessary in order to meet this requirement and to ensure that we do not run out of clean, safe drinking water.

Please vote NO on HB 1281.


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