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Raise your voice for transit at Governor Perdue's transportation listening sessions

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Governor Perdue is soliciting public comment on the transportation challenges facing Georgia. Strong public support for expanding transit options, bike paths and sidewalks will show Governor Perdue that Georgians want more transportation choices.


In this year's State of the Air Report, published by the American Lung Association, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Rome joined the metro Atlanta area on the list of 25 worst U.S. cities for year-round fine particle pollution - a pollutant linked to respiratory and heart diseases and even premature death. Roadways are a major source of particle pollution and with gas prices at record highs, Georgians want alternatives to driving to save money and avoid unhealthy commutes.

With rising gas prices, more and more residents choose transit. However, many people lack good transit options for getting to their places of work and recreation. Show your support for transit solutions to congestion, high gas prices and unhealthy air.

Earlier this summer, Governor Perdue announced a new statewide transportation partnership called Investing in Tomorrow's Transportation Today or IT3, designed to bring the GDOT, GRTA, the General Assembly, local partners and the executive branch together to develop strategies to improve transportation infrastructure throughout Georgia.

The consulting firm McKinsey and Company is working with Governor Perdue and the GDOT and GRTA Boards to develop a strategic plan for transportation in Georgia. The team is soliciting public input through the IT3 Web site and will conduct listening sessions around the state from September 22- 26, 2008.

Attend the listening session in your area and support more transit infrastructure, bicycle and walking paths and development that discourages sprawl.

Click "more" below for further information on the listening sessions, including location information and talking points for those planning to attend one of the sessions.

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Raise your voice for transit at Governor Perdue's transportation listening sessions.

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On the survey form, there are two questions that enable you to list transit, bike paths and sidewalks as solutions to congestion. You may also select "specify your own value" and type in a personal response to the two questions about congestion.

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