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Critical Vote on Bad Billboard Bill Tomorrow - Please Call Today

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House Bill 179 will be voted on by the Georgia House of Representatives on Thursday, February 24. The bill allows the billboard industry to clear-cut the public's trees.


A powerful team of billboard lobbyists is quickly moving House Bill 179 through the House of Representatives. As written, this bill would allow billboard companies to clear cut every single tree in a view zone in front of a billboard. We need your help to stop this bill and keep the common sense protections already in law on the books.

House Bill 179 will change state law to:

-allow the cutting down of large hardwoods (>8 in diameter), large pines (>12 in diameter) in zones in front of billboards;

-allow the cutting down of trees that have been planted as part of any beautification project after July 2011;

-remove a five year wait period for billboards erected in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 before their owners can apply for a permit to trim or cut down trees in front of the billboard; and

-create a credit that may be used by billboard companies in lieu of payment to the state for appraisal values of trees to be cut and removed.

Call your Representative to tell them to vote NO on House Bill 179. The health, safety, and scenic beauty along Georgia highways depends on their vote.

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Vote NO on HB 179

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Please call your representative TODAY and tell him or her to vote NO on HB 179.

You can tell their office that as a constituent, you urge them to vote NO on HB 179 because the bill would allow the clear-cutting of trees in areas in front of billboards.

HB 179 also allows billboard companies to shortchange the public out of the full amount they are owed for the trees on public property that the billboard companies are cutting down for private gain.

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